Salva Molina

Freelance Web & Drupal Developer

salva molina

It's me... Salva!

Yup, that's my name. I am a Web & Drupal junior developer from Spain, right now based in London and working with great people at Code Enigma, an exciting and groundbreaking Drupal company.

When I'm not plotting some kind of world domination with PHP, I spend some time with .NET C#, mostly doing some videogame programming stuff in XNA. I have also knowledge on jQuery, HTML 5, and always tend to find some extra time (or at least I try) to continue learning about everything related with Web 2.0, SEO, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Latest Project

Begamer blog thumbnail

After being editor, and later editor in chief for TeknoConsolas, a Spanish videogame magazine, I decided to take the hobby in a more relaxed and personal way and launched my own videogame website.

Begamer is a videogame blog where I usually write some news and articles about the scene in the videogame industry, always from a personal point of view and trying to entertain our readers. It started as a personal project with the collaboration and help of a few friends, but nowadays some other people contribute, mostly, but not necessarily speaking about videogames. You are welcome too!